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Readers' Choice

The following works are the most frequently read pieces* by readers of The Fairfield Review. We invite you to read these pieces as representative of the work we have published over the past nine years. Also see our Editors' Choice selections, here. We will update this list from time to time, so please stop by again to see what has been added. --egh 12/9/06

Spring 2006

Forced Buds, a poem by Lyn Lifshin
Flight, a short story by Elwin Cotman
Wild Brandy, a short story by Zdravka Evtimova

Fall 2005

Harvest Moon, a poem by Michael Keshigian
Thirteen Ways of Looking at Red, a poem by Bonnie Enes
Melbourne Beach, 1965, a poem by Nancy A. Henry

Winter 2005

First Things First, a short story By Richard Boughton
Waterfall, a poem by Sarah Sloat
How Many Drops?, a poem by Mark McGuire-Schwartz

Fall 2004

They ran out of things to say, a short story by Donald Hiscock
Driving My Daughter and Wife, with Child..., a poem by John Jeffrey
Fallow, a poem by Taylor Graham

Winter 2004

Seduction, a poem by Bonnie Enes
Opposite of a Fade In, a poem by Amy Fanning

Summer 2003

Mexican Monuments, a poem by Cary Griffith
Corrida, a short story by Celia Rosales
Poet, a poem by Bonnie Enes
Hat, a poem by Kate Moses

Winter, 2003

Secret Stitches, a short story by By Tim Wenzell
A Foreign Country Called Boys, an essay by Jessica Bram
Sentence, a short story by by Letitia L. Moffitt
Our Tree, a poem by Sandy Ackers

Summer, 2002

Jamaica Picture, a poem by Michael Zack
Costa Rica, a poem by Michael Zack
Opptin' the Saltbays, a short story by Lad Moore

Winter, 2002

The Hartford Circus Fire, a poem by Anna V. Q. Ross
Luna Moth, a poem by Anna V. Q. Ross
Sand Creek Massacre Grounds, a poem by Jon W. West
Green, a short story by Wes Prussing

Spring-Summer, 2001

The Photographer's Table, a short story by Joe Trocino
Don't, a short story by Stephen Elliott
Regret and Sorrow go solo, a poem by M.E. Hope

Fall-Winter, 2000

The Indian Love Call, a short story by Josh Karp
It takes a long time to clean a house, a poem by Isabelle Ghaneh
answering josephine, a short story by Megan O'Reilly
On the Gray Hill, a short story by Tom Brennan

Summer, 2000

The Package, a short story by Nan Leslie
Pink Ladies, a poem by Patty Mooney
The Nonsense of Clouds, a poem by Kirsten Campbell

Winter, 2000

Strange Days, a short story by Rowan Wolf
I Envy, a poem by Linda Sue Grimes
In the gutter, a poem by E.P. Allan

Summer-Fall, 1999

Mango Man, a poem by Cristina Querrer
Espirtu, a poem by Cristina Querrer
Returning, a poem by Ruth Dombrow
The Seamstress's Tale, a short story by John H. Jennings

Winter, 1999

Beneath the Surface of Kamloops Lake, a short story by Nathaniel Gillespie
Swearing Off ... again, a poem by Richard Fewell
Lighthouses, a poem by Robert James Berry
Fourth of July, 1992, a poem by David Prestidge

Spring-Summer, 1998

Swatting at Butterflies, a short story by Joseph Conlin
dog spelled backwards, a poem by Halsted
Ripe Mangoes, a poem by Halsted
Out here in the perimeter, a short story by Daniel R. Vollaro

Winter, 1998

Files, a poem by E. Doyle-Gillespie
Moab, Utah, a short story by John H. Jennings
Faith, a short story by Dave Bothwell
Two Lovers, a poem by Gordon Edwards

Fall, 1997

Latin Hymns, a poem by Doug Tanoury
Morpheme, a poem by David Hunter Sutherland
Revenge, a short story by Jack Littler
Shoelace, a poem by Linda Leavitt
Shiva, a poem by Halsted

Summer, 1997

Thunderbird, a short story by John H. Jennings
Folding the Clothes, an essay by Gordon Edwards
Dance, a poem by Gordon Edwards

Spring, 1997

A Memoir Untitled, a short story by Kelli Willingham
To the woman who threw herself..., a poem by Halsted
Exchanging Poetry, an essay by Gordon Edwards

Winter, 1997

Michelle, a poem by Gordon Edwards
Peel Me a Star, a poem by Fran Levin
Roots Below, a poem by Gordon Edwards

* top pieces per issue, with a minimum of 150 readers, ranked by accesses

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