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The Fairfield Review
Guidelines for Submitting Your Writing

Please note that The Fairfield Review is currently on an extended sabbatical. Please check back for news and announcements on when we will be accepting new submissions. --egh

Qualities of Writing to Keep in Mind

In addition to the submission guidelines below, we recommend reading the article by the TFR Editors on "Writing Qualities to Keep in Mind." from the spring 1997 issue. In addition, you can get a flavor of the types of work we are publishing by browsing through our archive of recent issues, editor's choice, and reader's choice pages. Also try our site search button for particular topics or themes. Additional information may be found on our frequently asked questions page.

Submitting Your Writing

We prefer that you send your writing to us via email to "FairfieldReview at hpmd dot com." ** It is also easier for us to review your work if it is sent in the body of the email, rather than as an attachment. If your submission contains special formatting that you do not want lost on the Internet, you may also attach a word-processing file. Submissions sent as email attachments may be in any PC-based word-processing format. Our preference is Microsoft Word. Please include the word "submission" in the subject line, and your full name, the title and text of your submission in the body of the email. This is especially important to avoid losing your email to the SPAM filters on our email server. If you are a student please also include the word "student" in the subject line of your email. You can also reach us via fax and post, although our response will be delayed. Again, use email. See How to Contact Us for our address and phone numbers. Submissions may be addressed to Janet and Edward Granger-Happ, editors.

** Please replace the "at" and "dot" with the usual email characters. (This helps keep the SPAM search engines at bay :)

We encourage students and first-time writers to send us their work. If you are one, please tell us. We give special attention to new and student authors.

Please keep to the following guidelines:
CategoryMaximum Length
Poetry2 single-spaced pages (or 75 lines)
Short Stories5 single-spaced pages (or 3,000 words)
Essays5 single-spaced pages (or 3,000 words)
Up to three pieces of poetry, or one short story or essay will be considered. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted. All writing must be the author's original work.

Instead of a cover letter, please tell us about yourself by completing our on-line Writer's Background and Release Form. Include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. We confirm receipt of all submissions promptly, and will notify all authors to be included in the next issue, via e-mail only. Rejection notices are also sent via e-mail only. Acceptance or rejection notices may take up to twelve months depending on our reading and publishing cycle for the year. Please be patient. We want to ensure that each of the submissions we receive gets our full attention.

Closing dates for the 2007-2009 issues are as follows:
IssueClosing Date*
Fall 2007
Winter 2007
Spring 2008
Fall 2008
Spring 2009
The Fairfield Review is currently on an extended sabbatical.

*In order to reduce the time required to respond to our author's submissions, we have changed our deadlines as noted. --egh Jan-08

All authors must complete and sign our on-line Writer's Background and Release Form, or hard-copy release form that may be faxed or mailed to us (see How to Contact Us).

For additional information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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