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Here is a copy of our holiday card, which we wanted to share with our readers --egh

Bow Bridge, Central Park, New York
Image Based on photo by John Hall
Bow Bridge

It ascends
in a grace--

ful arch
from its
on the near
side of a

this bow bridge
of Central Park
rises up
and disappears

a visitation
in the midst
of our daily
a calling
and an
The Bridge

It has always been hard business,
this crossing over, getting
from one side to the other across
sometimes eternal chasms, seeking
obscured, elusive understandings. And yet,

this wrought iron season,
it is only the bridge that matters.
Many are meeting in the middle,
giving one another solace, holding
hands. The space between us only
as great
as we imagine.

We are this beautiful bridge;
opposite sides converged, the river between
a dry bed of forgotten differences. Above,
we find one another, and join together,


© Copyright 2001, J. Granger-Happ, All Rights Reserved
where does
does it
like a plane
reaching its
it crests
the unknown,
the unknowable
that is ever
the other
of now.


© Copyright 2001, E. Granger-Happ, All Rights Reserved

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